amagi-LocalAds enables TV networks to localize advertising in different regions covered by a common satellite feed without the need for additional (expensive) satellite transponders. The complete workflow for even hundreds of headends can be comfortably managed by the network from the comfort of its broadcast station.
A Cloud based distribution model is used to push and store local ads and local insertion playlists to Amagi ad insertion devices at individual headends.
The platform uses a barcoding (watermark + fingerprint) based approach to identify ads played on the satellite feed. Invisible and inaudible barcodes are embedded on the ads that needs to be replaced locally. These barcodes act as local content insertion triggers when a barcoded ad is played on the satellite feed.
The end-to-end workflow is easily customizable to meet the broadcast workflow intricacies of each network. The complete local insertion process works independent of broadcast feed schedules and causes zero impact whatsoever to satellite feed workflows of the channel.

End-to-end system overview